Anointed Words of Faith

Anointed Words of Faith
Item# 978-0-8059-7126-2

by Steven Gort

We live in troubled times. The grim specter of war stalks the world and his colleague famine is never far away. Religious strife is constant and man’s passions are inflamed.

In times such as these God sometimes sends messengers, prophets who can reveal his will and guide humanity back to his peace and love. Steven Gort believes that he is such a messenger. In this extraordinary work he acts merely as a vehicle, a scribe who is directed by God to share his message with the world.

God’s message reiterates the teachings of Jesus while placing them in a modern context. Over and over we are bidden to come to him, to approach him with a simple heart and a firm faith. We are to experience and treasure a personal relationship with God and to do his will here on earth. His message is consistent and loving, the joy of the “Born Again” experience is ours for the taking.


Steven M. Gort is a “Born Again” charismatic Christian who is a member of the “Water of Life” church and has heard the call to found and pastor a new ministry. A native of Chicago, he presently makes his home in Rockford, Illinois, but longs for the day when his Christian community will become reality. He enjoys camping in God’s outdoors and is into health, nutrition, and preventive medicine. As yet he is single, but will be ready when God directs him to a true holy soulmate.

(2006, paperback, 230 pages)


Anointed Words of Faith [E-book edition]
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