Andy the Alien

Andy the Alien
Item# 978-0-8059-7081-4

by Jeffrey Scott Chase

What a fun and exciting way to learn about our solar system! Let’s go there with Andy the Alien and his friend Zoie, as they explore Earth, the sun, Venus, and Mars, and even race Mercury, a super-fast planet.

Children everywhere will become enthralled with all the things they learn from Andy and Zoie, such as what the sun is made of, what the surface of Venus looks like, and what kind of robots scientists have sent to Mars. It’s also a unique story; Andy asks the reader fun questions to keep him or her involved, such as “What’s your name?” “What is your favorite animal?” “Do you think animals, plants, or people could live here?” and “Do you have neighbors?”

What other awesome places will Andy the Alien and his friend Zoie discover?


A native of Middletown, Ohio, Jeffrey Scott Chase currently lives in Morro Bay, California. He is also an artist who paints space escapes, planets, and other astrological themes. Jeffrey is a wheelchair athlete, having completed the Boston Marathon twice and many other wheelchair sports, which he has been doing for the past twenty-five years.

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(2006, paperback, 42 pages)

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