Ancient Echoes

Ancient Echoes
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Ancient Echoes
by Loretta May Holmes

Wisdom lies in abundance, waiting for those with insight to discover them. However, with Spring in the air and all the song birds singing, it was hard for the inhabitants of Lemuria to think about the coming destruction. Signs left for them proved the achievements they had accomplished over the centuries were being threatened. Time was no longer on their side.

The residents of Atlantis, being technically and scientifically advanced, were busy creating their idea of a perfect world. However, the plans of humans are constantly being challenged.

The ancient writings speak of love, unity and peace. Were these now achievable or would mankindís efforts sink into the ocean once again.

About the Author

Born in Bremerton, Washington, Loretta May Holmes now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband and little dogs. She owns her own business and keeps busy by reading, watching movies, playing chess and traveling.

(2012, paperback, 122 pages)


Ancient Echoes (PDF)
Ancient Echoes (PDF)

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