American Note Exchange: Private Lender Manual

American Note Exchange: Private Lender Manual
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American Note Exchange: Private Lender Manual
Produced by Global Note

Imagine a home paying for itself …
Imagine getting back all the money you paid on your house…
Imagine receiving safe, steady and secured income like a bank receives…
Imagine earning consistent paychecks similar to large pension fund managers …

Assets are always at work earning money. Whether it is cash assets, savings assets, 401(k) assets, or stock assets somebody is earning considerable wealth from managing it; another is earning even more wealth by putting it to work and still others are being paid to oversee it. Learn how to manage your own assets and even idle home equity to safely and conservatively build your own wealth.

The American Note Exchange is revolutionizing the finance industry through a unique, patent-protected system to standardize private lending, and has pioneered a format for Secured Partner Person-to-Person Lending. ANX utilizes education and industry relationships to bring the relative safety and security of primary home lending (residential and commercial real estate) within reach of even the smallest of investors. Just as the creation of the NYSE and Wall Street in the 18th century began an orderly ability to exchange liquid stocks among peers, The American Note Exchange heralds the new era of the 21st century by opening a new industry marketplace to the general public, providing and uniting consistent cash flow with liquidity.

You have the power to control your financial destiny. The tools and resources are now available for your use. All you need is a little education on Finance 101. The American Note Exchange, is bringing Wall Street wealth back to the hands of Main Street, transitioning the generations that built the nation into an active partner in what the future holds, and proving anything imagined can be made possible.

About the Author

Ethan Wayne Kortkamp is a native of California who currently resides in Murphy, Texas. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California and is currently self-employed by the American Note Exchange.

He was a member of the Rotary International from 2001-2004 and was inspired to write this book through knowledge gained as a government planner with direct financial industry experience through employment with large (Zion’s Bank Corp) medium (National Bank of Arizona) and small (County Bank) banks culminating with the founding of a De Novo Bank (Horizon Community). Armed with a thorough understanding of a banks operations and life-cycle and an attitude to give that extra level of service, the next logical step was to educate individuals that its not banks or governments that have money, its people that do, and there is nothing to be afraid of in managing your own. Nobody cares more about your money then you do except a partner with vested interest in your success.

(2009, paperback, 44 pages)

American Note Exchange: Private Lender Manual (e-book)
American Note Exchange: Private Lender Manual (e-book)

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