Americans, First Generation

Americans, First Generation
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Americans, First Generation
by James L. Guglielmo

America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, is known throughout the world as a country promulgated by pioneers from other parts of the world, bringing to this young country a wealth of knowledge, experience, culture, and the fortitude to better one's self in this land of opportunity.

Mr. Guglielmo, the author, is a first-generation American who was brought up in the rich culture and ethos of his Italian ancestry. As a child growing up in the mean streets of New York, he endeavored to overcome the language barrier and the prejudicial tendencies of most people toward others different from them. That's how determined he is to move forward, and keep moving forward, without faltering, with the help and inspiration that comes from God and his family.

He wishes to extend to the younger generation of Americans the ways of his generation, the positive values that kept the family together to face the world as one. He believes the deterioration of these values and the family system are leading his beloved country down a path of ruination. And that, as a loyal and patriotic American, is what he is trying to prevent through his writing.

About the Author

Mr. James L. Guglielmo has had various occupations throughout the years. These jobs contributed to his wealth of experience for many decades. He was a policeman, a firefighter, a postman, and a soldier.

(2013, hardback, 656 pages)


Americans, First Generation (eBook)
Americans, First Generation (eBook)

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