Allowance Purse

Allowance Purse
Item# 978-0-8059-6033-4

by Elizabeth Archer

Through descriptive anecdotes about her mother’s childhood growing up on the family farm and well-written factual information about her native home of Kentucky, Elizabeth Archer reveals a deep and abiding love for the beautiful state in which her mother grew up as well as a longing for a simpler time when families relied on each other for all their needs.

Opening with detailed information about the annual “Sorghum Festival,” Ms. Archer shares snippets about the events, parades, and contests which make up this yearly entertainment, as well as providing lyrical descriptions of the surrounding countryside and people.

She then segues into “Childhood Excerpts,” sharing amusing stories of how her mother and her siblings attempted to get out of chores, attending school in a small town, and how they entertained themselves on winter’s evenings by the fireplace.

She closes with a glimpse of a childhood baseball game which will be familiar to many readers, both young and old, as she leaves us with a sense of nostalgia and family togetherness.


A native of Ohio, Ms. Archer has resided in North Carolina for the last thirty-three years, where she has raised three children – Robyn, Mark, and Craig – and is employed as a piano teacher.

(2004, paperback, 32 pages)


Allowance Purse [E-book edition]
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