Albert's Day at the Zoo

Albert's Day at the Zoo
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Albertís Day at The Zoo
by Arlene L. Carter

Albert is an ambitious boy. He makes his own money mowing lawns for his neighbors. It is also evident that he may one day have a shrewd business sense as he offers innovations to provide better services for his neighborís lawns. Albert is proud to earn his own money, and his parents are proud, too.

However, despite his earnings and ambitions, Albert is still a young and adventurous boy. He can pay his own admission to the zoo, but he still finds himself in a great deal of trouble. Follow Albert and his siblings as they get into and out of trouble one day at the zoo.

About the Author:

Arlene L. Carter currently resides in Chicago, where she has lived since 1977. She is mother to nine grown children. She lives with her mother and aunt on Chicagoís South Side. Most of her family is nearby, within Illinois.

Arlene L. Carter stays active and involved taking walks, attending school, and watching T.V. in the afternoons. She has always been interested in childrenís books and is excited to share Albertís adventures.

(2016, Paperback, 36 pages)


Albertís Day at the Zoo [E-book]
Albertís Day at the Zoo [E-book]

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