The Adventures of Stewy the Seagull

The Adventures of Stewy the Seagull
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The Adventures of Stewy the Seagull
by Travis Schneider

Stewy the Seagull is a strong, determined hatchling who learns to fly at an early age. He is determined to make his parents proud. When he is old enough, he moves to a town by the sea, where he befriends a boy. The boy brings him bread daily, and when Stewy’s parents come to visit, they enjoy some bread as well.

Eventually Stewy also finds love in a female companion as they fly around the town together. He asks her to move into her nest, where the couple lives happily ever after.

About the Author

A writer from Hitchcock, Texas, Travis Schneider enjoys reading, fishing, and walking on the beach. He has an associates degree in business administration from Austin Community College, and he also attended Concordia University.

(2010, paperback, 34 pages)


The Adventures of Stewy the Seagull (PDF ebook)
The Adventures of Stewy the Seagull (PDF ebook)

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