The Adventures of an Ordinary Pilot

The Adventures of an Ordinary Pilot
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The Adventures of an Ordinary Pilot
by H. C. “Skip” Smith

There is, in the unassuming manner that H. C. “Skip” Smith presents his lifelong love affair with flying, plenty of reason for enthusiasts to revel in this effort

For one thing, flight seems to casually cast away much of its perceived esoteric and intimidating nature, and on the other hand, much of the over-the-top notion of romance associated with it is left to the imagination of the reader.

What is left is seamlessly sensing the bare essence and issues of flying, tempering the over enthusiasm of imagination, without ignoring the truly euphoric moments of exhilaration from having to measure up to the confining whims of Mother Nature.

About the Author

H.C. “Skip” Smith was an aerospace engineering professor at Pennsylvania State University. He is now retired and spends his free time in music and photography and participating in flying activities and organizations.

(2013, paperback, 128 pages)


The Adventures of an Ordinary Pilot (eBook)
The Adventures of an Ordinary Pilot (eBook)

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