The Adventures of Guh the Wonderdog: Guh Meets His Family

The Adventures of Guh the Wonderdog: Guh Meets His Family
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The Adventures of Guh the Wonderdog : Guh Meets His Family
by Brittney Hall

Based on author Brittney Hallís family dog George, The Adventures of Guh the Wonderdog is a heartwarming series of love, friendship and laughter. In Guh Meets His Family, readers are first introduced to Guh, and the story how he got his name as well as his forever home.

Hallís dog George is an English Shepherd, a breed that is not recognized by the Kennel Club and very few people are aware of this type. They make great family dogs; as natural protectors and herders of livestock, they are able to transfer this sense of duty and love to their families. Hall and her family has always joked that George is a wonderdog and the fun police. It is as though he thinks he is helping in situations, but actually makes them worse, as many of us humans do.

Hall wants the children reading this to laugh with Guh, and be able to relate to the child in the story. She also hopes that adults will enjoy reading it to their kids, and that the book will create enough intrigue as to what adventures and misadventures Guh will get into next.

About the Author:

Author Brittney Hall was born and raised in the small town of Monmouth, Oregon. She has always had pets throughout her life, but there has been a special place in her heart reserved for dogs. Hall believes that all families should have at least one, as she herself would have more than just two if she had the space for them (hopefully someday maybe)!

Hall is married with two children, a boy and a girl. She is a workout instructor and enjoys impacting her peers in a positive way. Whether it is camping, boating, or spending time at home, as long as she is with her family and dogs, it is her favorite place to be.

(2016, Hardcover, 30 pages)


The Adventures of Guh the Wonderdog: Guh Meets His Family (e-book)
The Adventures of Guh the Wonderdog: Guh Meets His Family (e-book)

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