The Adventures of Allie McDuff

The Adventures of Allie McDuff
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The Adventures of Allie McDuff
by Susie Melendez

Her name is Allie McDuff, elementary school teacher extraordinaire, and she will share with you the events of an incredible ten months of her life. This journey, which is laced with humor, grief, and grace, encompasses those courageous moments, during which, together with her family and friends, she will discover that people never realize just how truly indomitable the human spirit is until faced with the ever-certain challenge of change.

About the Author

Susie Melendez is the grateful mother of one daughter and two sons, and throughout her personal journey, she has learned that love is always the answer. Aside from attending college in Virginia and a short stint in Maine, she has resided in the Midwest, and much of her professional life has been devoted to the promotion of quality education for young children. Her sincere hope is that this book will be enjoyed half as much as she enjoyed writing it.

(2014, Paperback, 404 pages)


The Adventures of Allie McDuff (eBook)
The Adventures of Allie McDuff (eBook)

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