Admirable is Our God

Admirable is Our God
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Admirable is Our God
by Juanita de Guzman Gutierrez, BSED, MSED

Admirable Is Our God urges people to go back to God because God is a reality and not fiction. God is truly in us. Be touched and receive salvation from reading a nonfiction, true-to-life story, which author Juanita de Guzman Gutierrez, BSED, MSED has experienced.

We are all one humankind, and our reverence and gratefulness should be for God, who is so kind and gentle and yet a genius. No scientist could ever duplicate Him in intelligence, in giving life, or in giving body parts that function harmoniously.

About the Author:

Juanita de Guzman Gutierrez, BSED, MSED, lives a quiet life after teaching for thirty-five years and spending another three years and three months in a monastery. She thought she would become a nun, but God had a different vision.

She took care of her ill mother, as her primary caregiver. After six months of caring, God took her mother to Heaven, and she now feels she has time for herself.

Juanita devotes her days in writing, worship, gardening, traveling, and exploring the world.

Juanita is the only unmarried of her siblings, so she is free to enjoy the beauty that surrounds her.

(2017, Paperback, 68 pages)


Admirable is Our God [EBOOK]
Admirable is Our God [EBOOK]

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