The Actor's Bible: The Three-in-One Tale

The Actor's Bible: The Three-in-One Tale
Item# 978-0-8059-7805-6

by Emmett Balogún

Vargo Vortney—he is as unique and unusual as his name. And so goes this performer's life.

Born into a family of actors—gypsies, if you will—young Vargo's upbringing, mostly at the hands of his overbearing father, sets him on a course for fame and fortune; however, the path to greatness often leads to great misfortune.

Perhaps it is the butterfly—Vortney's favorite insect—that is most symbolic of his journey, his metamorphosis and prophetically so. Before the butterfly emerges from its cocoon, beautiful and transformed, it must go through change, and it is during this time of change that Vortney, tortured and ill, finds the intrinsic link between the conscious and subconscious. It is only then that he too emerges beautiful and transformed and gives the performance of a lifetime. But as one informed might know, the adult butterfly does not exist for long. Will Vargo Vortney's path mimic that of his beloved butterflies?


Writing since the age of eight, after reading and becoming inspired by one of Shakespeare's plays, Emmett Balogún continues bringing life to his passion in his latest tale, The Actor's Bible. Like Shakespeare Balogún peppers his story with as much classic pathos, inviting the reader to come along on an incredible journey.

A native of Mexico, this graduate of the University of Chicago, with a bachelor's degree in theoretical physics, now makes his home in Lakewood, California. He is self-employed and is the proud father of four children. When Mr. Balogún isn't busy writing, he enjoys playing chess, listening to classical music, and practicing the Chinese art of kung fu.

(2008, paperback, 42 pages)


The Actor's Bible: The Three-in-One Tale [E-book edition]
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