40 Ways to Stretch Your Smileage

40 Ways to Stretch Your Smileage
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40 Ways to Stretch Your Smileage
by PJ Karr; Ph.D.

Follow along with Dr. PJ Karr as she inspires you to liven up your day. Her imaginative play and outrageous silliness will be sure to put a smile on your face.

About the Author

PJ Karr, Ph.D., earned her doctoral degree at the Ohio State University after receiving her undergraduate degree from the University of New Hampshire. A writer of creative nonfiction, prose, and fiction, she previously taught as a full professor at Texas Woman's University for 27 years, with stints as visiting professor at Tufts and Northeastern Universities. The author of several books, academic, poetry, and prose publications (including the 2009 AHA: Epiphanies to Release the Spirit Within), Karr finds inspiration from open mic nights and using humor as a tool in her classroom for over 30 years.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)


40 Ways to Stretch Your Smileage (PDF)
40 Ways to Stretch Your Smileage (PDF)

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